When Harvey Pekar died suddenly on Monday, he left several comics projects in the works, and Rick Marshall asked Pekar’s recent editor, Jeff Newelt, about what unfinished projects we might be seeing eventually. There are several comics from The Pekar Project finished and awaiting publication; Newelt is working on a tribute comic that he wrote himself. Pekar also had another graphic novel in the works:

The first branch-off of “The Pekar Project” is coming out this year. He was working on a graphic novel called “Cleveland,” which comes out during the summer of 2011 from this company called Zip Comics. The script was ready for that. It’s one-third history of Cleveland, one-third Harvey’s experiences there, and one-third biographical sketches of Cleveland characters. It’s drawn by Joseph Remnant, one of the definitive Pekar artists.

Going by the promo art, this should be something to look forward to.


  1. Good to know about this. I was wondering about any possible projects Pekar might’ve left behind. It didn’t occur to me that they could’ve been left unfinished. Who could be capable enough to ghostwrite the unwritten portions?