What do Tim Lane, Jonathon Rosen, Mark Newgarden, R. Sikoryak, David Sandlin, Mary Fleener, Johnny Ryan, Matti Hagelberg, David Paleo, Sam Henderson, Danny Hellman, Glenn Head, Carol Swain, Mark dean Veca, Stephane Blanquet, Mack White, Onsmith, Lorna Miller, Chris Estey, David Lasky, Ivan Brunetti, Tobias Tak, Craig Yoe, and Christian Northeast have in common? They […]

Joe Q on Stern today

We’re getting reports that Joe Quesada was on the Howard Stern show today. What could he POSSIBLY have been talking about? Obama-nia? Whether Hillary crying was the right thing to do? The Panettiere-Ventimiglia age difference? China’s savage animal gladiator pits? Or something else?

Sablik named Top Cow publisher

Filip Sablik, formerly VP of Sales and Marketing at Top Cow has been promoted to Publisher. As Publisher, Sablik’s primary responsibility will be to oversee aspects of Top Cow’s comic book and graphic novel publishing including editorial, sales, and marketing. Sablik joined Top Cow in September 2006 as Vice President of Marketing and Sales after […]

New Yorker cartoonist blog!

Can a normal human be as funny as a New Yorker cartoonist? The odds would seem to be against it, but perhaps, just as Dr. Allan Pearl sat next to the class clown and learned from him, we can learn from the new blog for New Yorker cartoonists. The blog starts out with Mick Stevens […]

Zuda: January

A bevy of new Zuda contestants are up for the month of January—the entrants seem to have taken a move towards the surreal comedy end of the spectrum and look more polished. And we’re happy to report that many of the Flash problems which so annoyed us last month seem to have been smoothed out […]

Action Philosophers team’s new comic

Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey, the duo behind the very popular ACTION PHILOSOPHERS, are turning their brand of humor to the history of…comics. Read the press release: After shattering all known records in the field of philosophy comics with Action Philosophers (surpassing previous big seller, 1995’s Camille Paglia’s Bad Grrrrl Force, by a wide […]

Superheroes dating

We don’t watch HEROES all that often, but it seems that Claire and Peter are dating…or Hayden Panetierre and Milo Ventimiglia are. They denied it for months, but this photo of the pair wandering through a mall holding hands was the smoking gun, so to speak. Not that just holding hands necessarily means that a […]

Separated at birth Two-fer

First via Craig’s list, a Star Wars Guide to the Candidates, presenting President Wickabee and many more. Speaking of Endor, that sort of weird foresty place where the Ewoks frolic and enjoy each other’s company, right-to-work laws, and a ban on gay marriage, who’d have ever thought Wicket, a Republican true believer in The Force, […]

Colbert/Venture feud growing

Well in the press anyway. Bloggers Whitney Matheson and TV Squad have jumped on the bandwagon, even as James Urbaniak rides shotgun. It all started with this post on Venture Bros. creator Jackson Publick’s blog: One sour note from the past month (aside from my car getting hit yet again) is that Mr. Stephen Colbert […]