We’re getting reports that Joe Quesada was on the Howard Stern show today. What could he POSSIBLY have been talking about? Obama-nia? Whether Hillary crying was the right thing to do? The Panettiere-Ventimiglia age difference? China’s savage animal gladiator pits?

Or something else?


  1. Wow, did Stern give this guy a big pass. Nowhere does he ask him about how the big PR story of Spider-Man being unmasked in 2006 has now been wiped from existence so that what was a big story a year ago is now meaningless, or that a year ago Joe Q claimed that this was real and wouldn’t be magically wiped from existence (which is exactly what happened). But then DC did the same thing when Superman died and they claimed that it was not a gimmick and Superman was really dead.

  2. Brad, thanks for posting the Stern .mp3 link.

    After listening to the excerpt, it sounds like Joe Quesada is in full spin mode. Howard, meanwhile, sounded fairly unimpressed by the idea.

    The best comment had to be the suggestion to just kill Aunt May and keep the hot wife.

  3. Yesterday Howard said it was the worst idea, and he said it’s whats wrong with comics and it’s stupid. It was during Robin’s news on 7/7 —

    Artie Lange didn’t even know Spider-Man has been married all these years, he thought Spidey was single.

  4. “Artie Lange didn’t even know Spider-Man has been married all these years, he thought Spidey was single.”
    And THAT right there, is a good enough reason to keep him unmarried. If you asked most people ‘hey is Spider-Man married?” there going to say no. Thats part of keeping the basics of the characters in tact.

  5. “Most people” don’t read comics, so whether they know or not doesn’t really matter. In any case, that speaks nothing as to whether him being married would actually keep them from buying Spiderman, or if they simply don’t care either way.

    As for Quesada, IMO he should just keep quiet for awhile and give his creative teams some time and room to lay in the groundwork for BND. Constantly opening his mouth, in combination with other commentary that’s been less than diplomatic, is unnecessary, and could prove counterproductive if Marvel decides or needs to reach out to the disaffected fans in the future.