What do Tim Lane, Jonathon Rosen, Mark Newgarden, R. Sikoryak, David Sandlin, Mary Fleener, Johnny Ryan, Matti Hagelberg, David Paleo, Sam Henderson, Danny Hellman, Glenn Head, Carol Swain, Mark dean Veca, Stephane Blanquet, Mack White, Onsmith, Lorna Miller, Chris Estey, David Lasky, Ivan Brunetti, Tobias Tak, Craig Yoe, and Christian Northeast have in common? They are all in the upcoming issue of HOTWIRE the Glenn Head-edited anthology of in-your-face comics brutality. Click on the link for a very tasty preview.


  1. Tim Lane (who did the cover) is a great illustrator I used to assign stuff to for Men’s Health magazine. Keep your eyes out for his book from Fantagraphics this year.