First via Craig’s list, a Star Wars Guide to the Candidates, presenting President Wickabee and many more.

Speaking of Endor, that sort of weird foresty place where the Ewoks frolic and enjoy each other’s company, right-to-work laws, and a ban on gay marriage, who’d have ever thought Wicket, a Republican true believer in The Force, could ever have risen to lead such a traditionally Democratic tribe? I mean, it’s inspirational that he lost 105 pounds (he only weighs about 45 now!) and plays the bass, but can you really imagine introducing him to the UN General Assembly? “Ladies and Gentlemen, President Wicket!” How ridiculous. I don’t think so.

Wife L
NEXT, Marc Bernadin at EW points out some similarities between Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark and Edward Norton as Bruce Banner:

Apparently, Marvel superheroes are prone to wearing wifebeaters when making quasi-scientific advances.

Actually, we are told that Marvel employs the same trainer for all their superhero movies, which is one reason for the wifebeater look. Either that or Marvel Studios head Michael Helfant just has some kind of fetish.


  1. Poorly deluded AL…

    Any man who wears a mesh teeshirt will not even have a wife in the first place. They will be too busy being the bisexual hanging out in the clubs doing the x.

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