Well in the press anyway. Bloggers Whitney Matheson and TV Squad have jumped on the bandwagon, even as James Urbaniak rides shotgun. It all started with this post on Venture Bros. creator Jackson Publick’s blog:

One sour note from the past month (aside from my car getting hit yet again) is that Mr. Stephen Colbert has decided not to reprise his role as Professor Impossible this season, for reasons which probably have something to do with him being all super-famous, super-busy, and no longer in need of a few hundred bucks here and there. We figured this would happen eventually, considering his monumental success in the years since our first season, but we held out hope that the WGA strike would leave him with enough bored free time on his hands that he’d have a go at it. But after getting shuffled around from his assistant to his assistant’s assistant to his agent to his manager, one of them finally shot us an email saying: “Stephen has neither the time nor the interest in participating in your project.”

Was the “nor the interest” really necessary? I would have bought the “time” part without question, but man…you gotta kick a guy when he’s down like that? Well maybe I’m not interested in your ice cream, mister! Or your book. Unless someone buys it for me for Christmas.

While everyone hopes this was the work of a WGA- Strike-saddened assistant, and not the man himself, it did lead Urbaniak to put Colbert on notice:



PS: we recently saw Urbaniak in THE BENTFOOTES, a dance “mockumentary” co-directed by frequent Beat commenter Todd Alcott and choreographer Kriota Willberg, who is married to cartoonist R. Sikoryak, who drew “The Decider” comics for THE DAILY SHOW, which precedes THE COLBERT REPORT. You see how it is all connected? Anyway, THE BENTFOOTES was totally excellent, and we’ll remind everyone when the DVD comes out.


  1. Colbert’s ice cream is really good.

    Er, and I guess I have to watch that Venture Bros. Season One DVD set I’ve not yet opened.

    And what’s that about Criminal Intent? Was Colbert especially bad?

  2. What Feud? The guy’s very popular with his show! I’d be sad if they replace him in his role as Mr. Impossible on the Venture Bros, but it’s a role that’s only needed once a season, maybe two. Really, they don’t need it at all!

    I’m sure Colbert could find a few hours to record some lines. I think he hasn’t recorded over a page of dialouge in the whole time he’s played that Venture Bros role.

  3. I resigned my membership in the 1,000,000 Strong for Stephen T. Colbert facebook group as a sign of solidarity for The Venture Brothers.

  4. Venture Bros. is the one of the best shows around at the moment (when we actually get new shows). Colbert is a fool not to stay on board. A FOOL!

  5. I don’t know how you can bitch about someone not doing your show when there’s only been 2 seasons of show since about 2003.

  6. 1,000 Strong To Make Stephen T. Colbert Return To Venture Bros.


    Become one of the Noble Few (aka The Upside Down Beast Numbers) who join me in politely asking Mr. Colbert to refute the words of his assistant who recently told Venture Bros. creator Jackson Publick he had “neither the time NOR the interest” in returning to his role as Professor Impossible in the astonishingly hilarious Adult Swim cartoon (buy your DVDs NOW).