Yes, the Nightmare Factory marathon ends tonight, with a big blowout panel at MoCCA: MONDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2007 – NEW YORK, NY MOCCA – MUSEUM OF COMIC & CARTOON ART — 6:30 p.m. 594 Broadway/Suite 401 (bet. Houston & Prince) New York, NY 10003 (212) 254-3511 *Writers Stuart Moore and Joe Harris, artists Michael Gaydos […]


Dash Shaw has just posted an excerpt of a new webcomic called BodyWorld and it cements his reputation as one of the most formally daring cartoonists out there. His graphic novel THE BOTTOMLESS BELLY BUTTON is due from Fantagraphics in June.

Eisner has eye on Bazooka Joe

We sort of missed out on the drama over who would own Topps, the venerable gum and trading card company, but in case you missed it, Michael Eisner’s company came out on top, and according to this article in USA today, he’s got big plans for the company mascot Eisner has his new Mickey: It’s […]


While we’ve been going on and on about the space problems here at Stately Beat Manor, there are still a few things which we would let pass beneath our lintel…one of them is this amazing Jimbo Vinyl Figure from Dark Horse, designed by Yoe! Studios, with extensive input from the award-winning creator Gary Panter himself. […]

Awesome! I needed the space

CBG is putting three years of issues on a searchable DVD! This is so super! I can now put all my cumbersome paper copies in storage. Now if only they could put all the newspaper sized issues on a DVD, we’d have even MORE room. Three years’ worth of Comics Buyer’s Guide’s magazine-sized issues are […]

Anno’s Hataraki Man continues to make waves

The Times Online (UK) looks at Hataraki Man, a controversial manga by Moyoco Anno that examines gender roles: For decades the Japanese comic industry has done a roaring trade in cartoons that chronicle the miseries and triumphs of the salaryman. Anno’s comic is a deliberate role reversal. The mould-breaking comic, Hataraki Man (Working Man), tracks […]

Comics and the real world examined again

The left-leaning American Prospect takes on The Revolt of the Comic Books: A superhero killed the president this summer. Moments later, a shocked White House press corps watched as John Horus, his gleaming white-and-gold costume still soaked in blood, explained why. Because “the war in Iraq is illegal and predicated on lies,” because “our people […]

Snyder reveals his “Watchman War Room”

Up at the Watchmen blog, director Zack Snyder has revealed some behind the scenes photos including this one of “The War Room” , which should give you some idea of the scope of the production. At the Zuda party last week, we heard from one DC bigwig who had visited the set last week and […]