14172-1While we’ve been going on and on about the space problems here at Stately Beat Manor, there are still a few things which we would let pass beneath our lintel…one of them is this amazing Jimbo Vinyl Figure from Dark Horse, designed by Yoe! Studios, with extensive input from the award-winning creator Gary Panter himself.

Well it seems David Scroggy read our mind, because one arrived in the post just the other day, and it has been enshrined in some of the very very rare shelf space here. The figure has an eerie nuclear glow to it, and comes in a specially decorated box designed by Panter, along with a 32-page comic filled with production sketches. Or so we hear. We just want to admire it in the box before we take it out of it. Panter’s post-apocalyptic punk roamed first through Slash magazine, then early issues of Raw, and he even won an American Book Award. It’s a limited edition, so get it before it’s gone.