CBG is putting three years of issues on a searchable DVD! This is so super! I can now put all my cumbersome paper copies in storage. Now if only they could put all the newspaper sized issues on a DVD, we’d have even MORE room.

Three years’ worth of Comics Buyer’s Guide’s magazine-sized issues are now available on a single disc.
This new, easy-to-navigate searchable DVD gives users instant access to more than two dozen issues of Comics Buyer’s Guide. And what’s more, a simple click on a cover line or title in the table of contents takes users instantly to the story they want.

CBG on DVD offers readers more than two full years of the longest-running magazine about comic books in an easily viewable and fully searchable PDF format. A user-friendly interface, coupled with Adobe Reader’s Interactive Table of Contents allows users to quickly view their favorite columns, features, and ads originally published from 2004 to 2006. Every cover, every article, and every ad are all searchable via an aggressive search engine.

About Comics Buyer’s Guide

Started in 1971 by a teen-ager in his basement trying to put comics fans in touch with each other, Comics Buyer’s Guide — known throughout the hobby as CBG — is the world’s longest-running publication about comics. Because there’s a comic book for everyone, CBG delivers more than 2,000 reviews a year. Because buyers deserve accurate data, CBG has developed a price guide based on actual transactions, not guesswork.


  1. We have CBG at the Charlottesville VA B&N. Not all B&Ns carry the same mags, it’s all determined by faceless people in NY who review each store’s sales figures and cut low selling titles. We had over 600 titles cut in August, but lots of new titles have been creeping in since then.