workingmanannoThe Times Online (UK) looks at Hataraki Man, a controversial manga by Moyoco Anno that examines gender roles:

For decades the Japanese comic industry has done a roaring trade in cartoons that chronicle the miseries and triumphs of the salaryman. Anno’s comic is a deliberate role reversal. The mould-breaking comic, Hataraki Man (Working Man), tracks the agonising day-to-day trials of a woman trying to balance the modern desire for a career with the dead weight of traditional Japanese social values. It has become so popular that it has been made into an animated cartoon for girls and a prime-time television drama for women.

Hiroko’s adventures have also become the basis of a bestselling lifestyle guide for the modern working woman, teaching the art of remaining feminine during the fight for equality and showing how to cope with truculent bosses, difficult coworkers and unsupportive partners.

Speaking of Japanese society, Simon over at Icarus quoted a rather interesting stat the other day:

I can’t quite remember how I came about this link, but condom maker Durex has released the results of its global survey on how frequently people are having sex. 87% of respondents in Greece say they have sex at least once a week, making them the busiest country in the survey. The least active country? Japan, at 34%.


  1. The US averages at only once a week? Jeez . . . No wonder so many people I know are grouchy all the time. ;) Though on the whole, even Greece’s 1.7 times per week even seems rather low. :D

    And thanks for pointing out this manga, Heidi. I’m curious when this will be picked up over in the US; I’d love to read it. :)