astroboy§ Jog reviews Frederik L. Schodt’s book on Tezuka

§ Maggie Thompson looks at SECRETS OF THE COMICS — from 1947.

§ Learn IDW head Ted Adams’s best and worst business decisions, the name of his mentor and MORE in this profile in the San Diego Business Journal.

§ Kazu Kibushi mourns the lost rides of Universal:

Last night, a bunch of us at the studio went to Universal Studios for their Halloween event, which was cheesy, but fun. I think the most horrific part of the evening, though, was seeing all of the parts from E.T. The Ride (now long gone…WHY?!) being cannibalized for use in some cheesy, cheap-scare horror mazes. I was really sad when I recognized the red VW bug from the forest, which they used for an accident scene in the Friday the 13th maze. I guess it’s fitting that it was surrounded by dead people. Rest in peace, E.T. The Ride. Anyway, check out Clio’s blog for a sketch of her experience. Also, I like this tiger.

§ It took us a while to realize this was a parody.

§ What ever happened to Chester Brown’s graphic novel based on the works of Rene Girard?

§ The Huffington Post loves SHOOTING WAR:

Shooting War by Anthony Lappe and Dan Goldman is a clever book envisioning the world in 2011 — and it’s not any better. President McCain is still occupying Iraq, a mushroom cloud just rose over India and the network news is as news-less as ever. Enter 25-year-old Jimmy Burns, a 25-year-old New York City hipster with bad facial hair and a porn habit, who prompts the questions: what is journalism and what is journalist?

§ PERSEPOLIS received a nomination for Best Picture in the 2007 European Film Awards>

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