Girlamatic open for submissions

Girlamatic is accepting submissions from October 6th through November 5th, 2007. They will be open again in April. Editor Lisa Jonte has a list of guidelines that are pretty good guidelines for anything, so we’ll quote a few: 1. Look at what’s already on GAM. There’s plenty to see that will give you an idea […]

Comics press/Newsarama fallout

Dick May or May Not Read Your Blog: As much as I like Blogorama and similar news accretion and commentary sites (ie, Journalista, The Beat, and The Comic Reporter), there’s not a whole lot of investigative journalism happening online. Butcher mentions Newsarama’s coverage of the Superboy reversion rights story as an example of real journalism, […]

Marder leaves McFarlane

A recent posting at Larry Marder’s blog confirms what we’d been hearing on the grapevine: the forner Executive Director of Image and McFarlane Toys long time President has left the Mcfarlane fold: I’m no longer in the Todd McFarlane business. I wish Mr. McFarlane well in all his future endeavors. For the first time in […]

IDW profiled: $7 million year?

The business section of the San Diego Union-Tribune profiles publisher IDW and throws around a lot more numbers than such pieces usually do, citing $5 million in revenue last year, with expectations for as much as $7 mil this year, in the wake of 30 DAYS OF NIGHT: Since May, the company has shipped more […]

Kibbles 'n' Bits 10/9/07

§ Author on author action as Susanna Clark (Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell ) profiles Alan Moore for the Telegraph: It’s not easy to convey to someone who doesn’t read comics just how Alan Moore has dominated the field since Watchmen. He took something very American – the superhero comic – reinvented it (more than […]

Superhero Panel accounts

Last weekend’s New Yorker festival panel bringing together Grant Morrison, Tim Kring, Mike Mignola and Jonathan Lethem has been well-covered out in the blogosphere. Here’s Vulture: The supergeeks did not disappoint. Lethem talked about the superhero’s mix of fame and outsider status and how it compares to the lives of many kids; Morrison described how […]


ERBzine, the official outlet for news of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ creations, reports that a Pixar delegation including VP Jim Morris, director Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo) and writer Mark Andrews visited the ERB Inc. offices and met with Danton Burroughs, Sandra Galfas and Jim Sullos. All six members at the meeting expressed a deep commitment to […]

Damned cable outages

Apparently it’s sun spots??? Or the UN General assembly. Or the Second Avenue Slasher. Thanks to all the kind folks who responded to my SPX plea. Trying to work something out now.