ERBzine, the official outlet for news of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ creations, reports that a Pixar delegation including VP Jim Morris, director Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo) and writer Mark Andrews visited the ERB Inc. offices and met with Danton Burroughs, Sandra Galfas and Jim Sullos.

All six members at the meeting expressed a deep commitment to the project, acknowledging that they had been inspired by Burroughs’ creations from a very early age. This is evidenced in the excitement held for the John Carter property and the plans for a film trilogy faithful to the Burroughs books. Projected release date is sometime before 2012.

Danton Burroughs presented the creative team with a wealth of resources, including art samples and books by ERB scholars such as Irwin Porges and John F. Roy. They noted that their major resource to date had been the thousands of official ERB, Inc. Webpages and Webzines.

Movie site /Film reports that Pixar is actually planning a TRILOGY of John Carter films. Developing.

Unrelated but still cool, Rafael Kayanan recently posted some of his concept art for the aborted Paramount version of John Carter. More goodies in link.



  1. Because Pixar will (possibly) do the movies? Perhaps they’re looking at this as a vehicle for breaking out of their kiddie-flick cage. Kayanan’s Tars Tarkas looks pretty damn cool, though.