Last weekend’s New Yorker festival panel bringing together Grant Morrison, Tim Kring, Mike Mignola and Jonathan Lethem has been well-covered out in the blogosphere. Here’s Vulture:

The supergeeks did not disappoint. Lethem talked about the superhero’s mix of fame and outsider status and how it compares to the lives of many kids; Morrison described how Superman and his foes changed over the years (in the forties, he was a socialist; in the fifties, a suburban dad; and in the nineties, he had a mullet); and Mignola explained that Hellboy’s near indestructibility was modeled after his father, who “always seemed to have some dried blood on him.” But by the end, a villain had emerged: Kring denied that his superhero show is indebted to any comics. (Egad!) It was a mysterious caped man from the audience who saved the day, restoring the panel its innocence with a single question: “Who’s faster, Flash or Superman?” “Are you kidding?” Morrison replied. “The Flash!”

GalleyCat and CBR both have pictures.


  1. Man, the awesome thing about HEROES is how often I find it reflects a whole other way of thinking about powers. That said, not indebted to any comics? With all the comic book references in that thing? You know he’s a fan. At the very least, he’s got credit Marvel for the whole Mutant thing.