Dick May or May Not Read Your Blog:

As much as I like Blogorama and similar news accretion and commentary sites (ie, Journalista, The Beat, and The Comic Reporter), there’s not a whole lot of investigative journalism happening online. Butcher mentions Newsarama’s coverage of the Superboy reversion rights story as an example of real journalism, and he’s probably right. But I still think there’s a fanboy element at work there–will DC get to use Superboy in the future, or will Jerry Siegel’s greedy relatives deprive us of these stories? Not that Newsarama is voicing this opinion, but its readers surely are. Actually, that link is for a comment left on a Blogorama post by Tom Bondurant. When I tried a Google search for copyright + superboy on the newsarama.com domain, most of the recent stories appeared on Blogorama. Maybe Google isn’t finding the Superboy stories from Newsarama’s main site, but I seem to recall a link to the Bondurant story serving in lieu of a separate parent site story on the most recent developments in the case. In other words, I think [email protected] is doing the heavy lifting on the Superboy copyright story. Bondurant’s post was a legitimate piece of journalism, but is anyone else doing this kind of reporting? Is anyone doing it on a regular basis?

I don’t really have much else to add other than to observe that it happened. It seems Brady and Doran are quite happy, and so I am happy for them. I’m also kind of tickled that the pre-complaints about a lesser quality of service have started in the comments section related to the Press Release; it’s a very Newsarama-esque response to the news.

And Johanna.