200710091131The business section of the San Diego Union-Tribune profiles publisher IDW and throws around a lot more numbers than such pieces usually do, citing $5 million in revenue last year, with expectations for as much as $7 mil this year, in the wake of 30 DAYS OF NIGHT:

Since May, the company has shipped more than 4 million issues of its comics and expects its revenue for the year to be as high as $7 million. IDW has about 13 full-time employees, and it works with about 150 freelance writers and artists. Adams said the company has gross margins of about 45 percent.

Things could get better for IDW with the release of a “30 Days of Night” movie Oct. 19.

“If it’s anything like the big success we’ve seen with ‘300’ (another movie based on a comic book), it has the potential to propel IDW to the next level,” said Jim Kuhoric, purchasing director for Diamond Comic Distributors, one of the largest distributors in the business.

This is as good a place as any to note that IDW probably wins the award for “Most Improved” publisher in 2007, at least from a business standpoint, with their big licensed properties performing up to expectations (not as common as it sounds), and the comic strip reprint projects keeping snobs happy. Depending on how well 30 Days does, they could be even more improved.


  1. Nice to hear of a success story among the Indys rather the usual tales of expectations dashed, dreams shattered and creators shafted.

  2. Any company that is savvy enough to collect Mike Grell’s classic JON SABLE, FREELANCE series into trade paperbacks and is about to publish brand-new DOCTOR WHO comics gets my full support.
    Way to go, IDW!

  3. It’s definitely been a stellar year for IDW. And with new properties like Speed Racer coming next year it only looks to get even better. I’ve met several of the guys from IDW – a class act. Kudos to work well done.

  4. Can’t complain. I don’t buy their new stuff but some of the older material they reprint makes my heart sing.
    Anyone paying $4.50 for an issue of Star Trek means I get an HC of Dick Tracy.