Porn comic revealed…..EIGHTBALL!

UPDATE: Based on the news video at the below link, it appears that the issue in questions was EIGHTBALL #22, shown at left. I had originally put a picture of Eightball #2 in this post, which IS NOT THE ISSUE IN QUESTION. Dan Clowes, perverter of children? The comic given by a teacher to a […]

Azzarello/Chiang Part 3

In a wild stunt that will, if not break the internet, then at least leave it flushed and unkempt, Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang are promoting the release today of their Tales of the Unexpected:: Dr. Thirteen Architecture and Morality trade paperback today by running a multi-part interview on eleven different websites spread out overthe […]

Publishers react to bar code decree

As reported last week, Diamond will now require bar codes on all the products it carries — a concession to the looming reality of POS systems and barcode scanners. A couple of publishers talked about it on their blogs and speculate that it will lead to even more fragmentation of the industry: Simon at Icarus […]

Artist meant to create controversy; got it

Swedish artist Lars Vilks, hiding in an undisclosed location after drawing threats for his cartoon of a dog with the head of Mohammad, says he did it to stir debate: Showing the original picture at a debate in the Swedish capital, Lars Vilks said he had wanted to test the boundaries of freedom in art. […]

Countdown’s secret!

Some online comics sales watchers — and we know there are a LOT of you — have wondered about why COUNTDOWN suddenly surged in the charts this month with the thirteenth issue. Spurge was wondering about it, and DC Sales Chart Vizier Marc-Oliver Frisch wrote in with a startling theory: Countdown sales in August follow […]

Proof that Dirk Deppey lives in his own special world

From the Wednesday, September 19th Journalista.

Hildebrandt. Kuberts at Montclair Art Museum

Although it seems like we’re at every comics event in the world, we’re really not, and here’s one we didn’t go to but wish we had — an opening for Greg Hildebrandt and celebration of the Kubert family at the Montclair Art Museum in New Jersey last weekend. Held in conjunction with the “Reflecting Culture: […]

To Do 9/19: Gerard Way at Forbidden Planet

International rock star, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE hearthrob and comics writer Gerard Way will be signing his new comics UMBRELLA ACADEMY at Forbidden Planet NYC. There are only a limited amount of tickets available and they may have already sold out, so call before going on down: Gerard Way, writer of Dark Horse’s Umbrella Academy and […]

To Do tonight: Yoe in Chicago

Madman/visionary Craig Yoe speaks tonight in Chicago at Columbia College: Are you in Chicago this week? I’m speaking at Columbia College tomorrow evening (Weds. 9/19) with YOE! Studio Co-Founder Clizia Gussoni. Our presentation, “Out of YOE Minds,” is open to the public and free-of-charge! Location: Columbia College, 623 S. Warbash, Room 203, 6:00-8:30 p.m. For […]

Linkie winkins

§ Colleen Doran digs up old photos from the 80s. Shown: Doran and Jack Kirby with Dave Sim nearby. 1996 photos here. § Do you remember San Diego 2007? It seems like only a couple of months ago, hard to believe it was actually FIVE YEARS! Anyway, MySpace is still digging some good stuff out […]

PR: Fassbender at BOOM!

As we told you a while ago, Tom Fassbender has joined Boom! Studios as VP of Publishing; the press release praises his “steady hand” which is something every publishing company needs, it seems. BOOM! Studios announced today that Tom Fassbender has taken the role of VP of Publishing for the company. Fassbender will provide a […]

Kare-Kare Komiks joins Chemistry Set

Webcomic collective Chemistry Set welcomes another strip: The Chemistry Set is pleased to announce that Filipino comicker Andrew Drilon and his series, Kare-Kare Komiks, is joining it’s line-up. Previously displayed at Warren Ellis’ forum The Engine, Drilon is bringing his unique and emboldened take on comics to a bigger semi-monthly starting September 19th, 2007. “These […]

Viz gets right to live action DEATH NOTE film

PR: VIZ Pictures, an affiliate of VIZ Media LLC that focuses on Japanese live-action film distribution, has announced that it has licensed from Nippon Television (NTV) the North American theatrical and DVD distribution rights to the live-action feature film DEATH NOTE and its sequel, DEATH NOTE: THE LAST NAME, based on the DEATH NOTE anime […]

Our loss is your gain

As some of you may know, when we’re not toiling away on The Beat we’re toiling away at Publishers Weekly on various odd jobs like splitting wood and fetching water from the old well. This is “clean-up” week, as they say, at the office, and we’re all supposed to be emptying out our secret hidey-hole […]