§ Colleen Doran digs up old photos from the 80s. Shown: Doran and Jack Kirby with Dave Sim nearby. 1996 photos here.

§ Do you remember San Diego 2007? It seems like only a couple of months ago, hard to believe it was actually FIVE YEARS! Anyway, MySpace is still digging some good stuff out of their archives, including this video interview with Rosario Dawson and Ed Brubaker:
MySpace @ ComicCon 2007 2: Rosario Dawson, Ed Brubaker, & more!

§ Leigh Walton becomes “The Fourth Man” at Top Shelf.

§ Marvel is having a costume contest! Details here.

§ What ever became of the EL MUERTE film? It was renamed THE DEAD ONE.

§ Director Kelly admits SOUTHLAND TALES graphic novels key to his vision

The film is broken into three chapters, IV, V and VI. The first three chapters came out as graphic novels after Cannes, and Kelly admits they were the key, even for himself, for getting a handle on what was happening to the characters on screen. “I couldn’t get to a place, emotionally, as an artist, where I really felt I could finish this movie properly until I had the books done,” he said. “I was a nervous wreck and I was depressed. I tried to do too much, and I failed. I felt I wasn’t going to fulfill this movie, how great I had it in my mind. But once I finished the books, a big monkey was lifted off my back. I could really figure out how to solve the puzzle of the film. When we went to Cannes I hadn’t finished with the books yet.”

§ “Fun” new blog! Your Webcomic is Bad and You Should Feel Bad.


  1. Those old photos of Colleen’s rock!!! :D

    I have no idea who Olive is or what she’s doing interviewing all those people, but she’s a cutie.

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