From the Wednesday, September 19th Journalista.


  1. Dirk has since updated the listing:
    “Also… nahh, I take it back. Thanks to Heidi MacDonald for pointing out the error.”

    Also, it seemed like a couple of days ago he’d had some blank entries or something. I’d be inclined to think this is just good-natured ribbing but I know there’s been some back and forth shots lately between Dirk and Heidi which seem to get more and more barbed each time the other party returns fire (actually, if I were trying to be fair I’d say Dirk was probably a bit more barbed in some recent jabs at Heidi). Actually, I think it’s fun and reminds me of why I liked reading The Comics Journal when Gary was writing editorials and seemed to always have a running blood-feud with some evil bastard who was out to destroy good comics.

  2. Don’t be silly. I love Heidi like the sister whose pigtails I like to pull till she cries, as a subconscious way of distracting myself from how much I’d secretly like to lick her toes. I’ll probably get over it once puberty strikes…

  3. I meant to say, “Tom (Spurgeon) your TCR link to this cracked me up…”

    Heidi, feel free to delete one of these. Preferably the more coherent one if there is one.

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