DC’s ARENA — Let’s get it on!

No Gorns needed in this ARENA. It’s been talked about for a few months, including last weekend at the Baltimore Comic-Con, and now it’s here. DC Comics’ THE ARENA website is now up and running. From what we understand, both from the website and hearing it described by Dan Didio, alternate versions of your favorite […]

To Do 9/15 NYC: Snack Isle at GRNY

YES THERE IS MORE TO DO! Snack Isle at GRNY Small Works of Art by Five Dozen Artists September 15th – October 17th, 2007 Reception: Saturday, September 15th, 6:30 pm – 10:00 pm This Saturday… Giant Robot is proud to present Snack Isle: Small Works of Art by Five Dozen Artists at the GRNY Gallery. […]

To Do 9/15 NYC: Thinking Inside the Box

Gene Yang (american Born Chinese), Larry Hama, Christine Norrie, Jann Jones and Jae Lee — what do they all have in common? They will all be appearing on what sounds like a very interesting panel this weekend at the Museum of Chinese in the Americas: THINKING INSIDE THE BOX: ASIAN AMERICANS IN THE COMIC BOOK […]

To Do 9/16: Brooklyn Book Festival

This Sunday the Brooklyn Book Festival takes over downtown Brooklyn with authors from Dave Eggers to Jonathan Lethem to Myla Goldberg. On the comics side, Adrian Tomine and Miriam Katin will be signing at the Drawn & Quarterly booth and there’s a panel moderated by yours truly: On Sunday, September 16 at 4:00pm, the 2007 […]

Medal of Honour equalizes the sexes

Playing video games erases the spatial acuity gap between men and women at least according to one study where men and women participated in an “off Man Out” game in which men scored much better than women. However, then video games entered the picture. They asked some of their volunteers to spend ten hours playing […]

Zwigoff and Clowes reunite for THE $40.000 MAN

The other day we were teasing Dan Clowes about his slight comics output over the last few years, but dude is still busy writing screenplays and what not. He’s teaming once again with his GHOST WORLD and ART SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL collaborator Terry Zwigoff for THE $40,000 MAN comedy–Clowes and Zwigoff are rewriting the script together […]

2007 Ignatz Award Nominees

SPX news is heating up and we can’t wait! The Ignatz Award Nominees have just been announced, and for added bonus, above are David Heatley’s illustrations for the badges. Outstanding Artist Vanessa Davis, Papercutter #4 (Tugboat Press), Kramers Ergot #6 (Buenaventura Press) John Hankiewicz, Asthma (Sparkplug Comic Books) Jaime Hernandez, Love & Rockets (Fantagraphics Books) […]

Masie Kukoc Award nominees

The second annual Masie Kukoc A hitherto unknown (aka “new”) award for mini-comics will be handed out at this years Stumptown ComicsFest: The Maisie Kukoc Award for Comics Inspiration rewards a self-publisher of small-press, hand-made comics (sometimes called “mini-comics”), on the basis of merit and financial need. The 2007 Kukoc will be awarded at Guapo […]


Mark Evanier on WHAT IF JOE MANEELY HAD LIVED. Maneely was Stan Lee’s favorite artist and might have had a interesting influence on the early years of Marvel had he not been killed in a freak subway accident: First off, if Maneely had lived, Atlas/Marvel would have been a very different company. Actually, between him […]