The other day we were teasing Dan Clowes about his slight comics output over the last few years, but dude is still busy writing screenplays and what not. He’s teaming once again with his GHOST WORLD and ART SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL collaborator Terry Zwigoff for THE $40,000 MAN comedy–Clowes and Zwigoff are rewriting the script together and Zwigoff will direct:

“Man” centers on a legendary astronaut who finds himself horribly injured in a crash and is rebuilt by the government to be a bionic man, but on a measly budget of only $40,000. Johnathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley wrote the original script.

Sounds like it’s in their wheelhouse.


  1. is that the same John Francis Daley from Freeks and Geeks?

    I guess he figures if Seth Rogan can write a screenplay so can he.