No Gorns needed in this ARENA.

It’s been talked about for a few months, including last weekend at the Baltimore Comic-Con, and now it’s here.

DC Comics’ THE ARENA website is now up and running. From what we understand, both from the website and hearing it described by Dan Didio, alternate versions of your favorite DC heroes/heroines will do battle in some kind of UFC slobberknocker, with the winner becoming part of some bad guy’s super army of evil (or something like that). And you, gentle reader, can vote as to which version you want to see beat down or tap out the others.

Right now, the website features four contests from which to choose: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. Some of the versions are new and some are from a couple of DC’s better-known Elseworlds projects (SUPERMAN: RED SON, BATMAN: RED RAIN, JSA: THE LIBERTY FILES).

No word on the website on how many characters will eventually be chosen or how long the voting will last. The first issue of THE ARENA is scheduled for December 5th.

posted by Mark Coale


  1. I’ve been reading comics for over twenty years and this is the first time I’ve heard the word SLOBBERKNOCKER!
    hmmm. I want to see the One Million DC Supergirl Vs. Batman, and on the double bill, Beppo and Stanley’s Monster Vs. Batmite and Dumb Bunny.