Millionaire and Kaplan on Drinky Crow

You know isn’t that just like Tony Millionaire? He nags you and nags you to promote his cartoon pilot, and then when it gets picked up, you have to read about it on Comics2Film: The show was aired as part of a pilot competition on the Cartoon Network, in which fans could vote on their […]

Party Poop

Occasional Superheroine talks about last night’s Comic Foundry party, which was a lot of fun and a great way to reacclimatize to civilization after our week in the country. In addition to pals like John Green, Marion Vitus, Red Stapler, Calvin Reid, Kai-Ming Cha and Nisha Gopalan, we got to meet 12 Days’ June Kim. […]

Naruto Nation kicks off in September

Brace for a Naruto invasion, as Blog@Newsarama reports Viz Media unleashed “Naruto Nation” last week, releasing three volumes of Masashi Kishimoto’s international phenomenon into the book market. So, it should surprise absolutely no one that all three cracked USA Today’s Top 150 Books list: Vol. 18 at No. 116, Vol. 17 at No. 123, and […]

A tale of two cons: Dragon and Polcon

§ The Ledger-Enquirer previews DRAGON-CON the freakiest show of them all. There’s only one weekend when you get the chance to see Spiderman, Doctor Who and the Sith cheerleaders in one place. Lucky for you, this is it. Dragon*Con, touted as the nation’s largest popular arts convention for sci-fi, fantasy and a miasma of other […]

Italian thinks Spider-Man is real

An Italian scientist has come up with an idea for a Spider-Man like climbing suit. The suit would use the sticky million-hair technology employed by geckos and…SPIDERS. It is generally accepted that the microscopic hairs adhere to the surfaces, not by gripping in the traditional sense, but by using intermolecular phenomena called van der Waal […]

Japan frets over “net cafe refugees”

According to the Taipei Times, Japan’s 24 hour manga/internet cafes are giving rise to a small population of refugees who live in them. Internet cafes and “manga” comic cafes are omnipresent in urban Japan, offering couches, computers, soft drinks and comic books to stressed businessmen or commuters who missed their train. But a government survey […]

ADV and Geneon enter distro pact

PR: Today ADV Films and Geneon Entertainment (USA) announced a new distribution agreement. From October 1st on, ADV Films will be Geneon Entertainment USA’s sole distributor. ADV Films will handle all sales and distribution duties for the combined catalogue as well as certain marketing functions. Geneon Entertainment (USA) is a subsidiary of Tokyo-based advertising giant […]


Found this in our catchup and although it’s kind of old news, it’s still of some interest. Newsarama has a preview of Amy Hadley’s art for the upcoming MADAME XANADU book from Vertigo. It’s written by Matt Wagner. Hadley’s previous book was FOOL’S GOLD for Tokyopop. The move of American manga artists into the mainastream […]

Two nerd things that go great together

For you folks surfing The Beat late tonight, check out tonight’s “Superhero” themed episode of MYTHBUSTERS, another favorite of the nerderotti out there. As we type this (9 PM ET), the first showing has just started. It repeats again overnight at 1 AM and again tomorrow night at 7 ET. Topics include: Building a Batman-like […]