§ The Ledger-Enquirer previews DRAGON-CON the freakiest show of them all.

There’s only one weekend when you get the chance to see Spiderman, Doctor Who and the Sith cheerleaders in one place.

Lucky for you, this is it.

Dragon*Con, touted as the nation’s largest popular arts convention for sci-fi, fantasy and a miasma of other delicacies, starts Friday in Atlanta. Hosted in the Hyatt Regency Atlanta, the Atlanta Marriott Marquis and the Atlanta Hilton, Dragon*Con will turn downtown Atlanta into a Tatooine cantina faster than you can do the Kessel run.

“It’s just good seeing a whole street filled with storm troopers and Doctor Whos,” said Josh Plock, secretary for the Campus Nerds at Columbus State University.

§ Meanwhile, Warsaw braces for Polcon

Once in a year people of unusual talents meet in a Polish city. Some of them have seen Star Wars over 200 times and still take pleasure in watching for the 201 time. Some easily quote dialogues from Spiderman comic books, others know more about trolls and elfs than about washing machines. The Polcon convention is just the ideal place for them to talk, exchange opinions and learn more about science fiction.