For you folks surfing The Beat late tonight, check out tonight’s “Superhero” themed episode of MYTHBUSTERS, another favorite of the nerderotti out there.

As we type this (9 PM ET), the first showing has just started. It repeats again overnight at 1 AM and again tomorrow night at 7 ET.

Topics include:

Building a Batman-like grappling hook
Can a Phantom-like punch like an imprint on your face?
How fast can you change in a phone booth?
will a hook fired from a Batmobile-style vehicle allow for 90 degree turns?

Posted by Mark Coale


  1. The Misses informed me that M.I.T. was involved with creating a Batman-like grappling hook which was strong enough to carry two people. Anyone know more about this?

  2. It was a beautiful episode, if you enjoy fuckups and mishaps, which I do.
    One facial injury, one idiotically unsafe equipment test, two almost-nasty falls from heights, and utter destruction of everyone’s dignity.

    And lots of views of the naval base in my hometown, Alameda!

  3. I got a few of those Phantom movie promo rings made out of platinum steel. I’ll go home tonight and deck someone in the face ( most preferably some one of the ‘gangsta’ variety) to see if it leaves a skull face imprint and let you all know in the morning.

    The dodging the bullet part is going to be hard, but I think I can manage.



  4. Boxing Glove arrow would have been awesome! Otherwise, a very enjoyable episode. I was especially impressed with Jamie’s success and the car harpoon’s accuracy and general coolness.

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