Aiyi yi, there is so much cool stuff going on in Toronto this weekend surrounding TCAF, the Toronto Comics Arts Festival. For all the most relavant details, head over to Chris Butcher’s blog or the Beguiling or ever the TCAF site itself. First some quick event: * TONIGHT: JOE MATT RETURNS TO TORONTO and THE […]

To Do tonight, SF: Tonight, the critics get SAVAGE

Brian Hibbs writes to remind us that Douglas Wolk gathers with several of his Savage Critic compatriots at Comix Experience: This Friday, August 17th, from 4 to 7 PM, Comix Experience is very happy to host DOUGLAS WOLK, international bon vivant, Savage Critic, and author of the most excellent Reading Comics: How Graphic Novels Work […]

Jason Starr pens graphic novel

Vulture reveals another literati going graphic, Cold Caller’s Jason Starr: Q: I understand you’re working on a graphic novel for DC Comics. A: I can’t really talk in depth about it, but it’s an original graphic novel and a supernatural thriller. The end-game is to release it in 2008. I was really into graphic novels […]

Floyd Norman defends mavericks

Regular readers, and people who know The Beat know how much we adore legendary animator Floyd Norman. Many were the times during our Disney days when Norman would stand in our office and deliver a succinct but pithy truth that has stood with us to this day. Luckily readers can enjoy the Norman point of […]

LInks: Scenes from Michael Turner’s past

§ A high school rival of artist Michael Turner comes to grips with the present day: Years later, a co-worker in my design department brought in a comic book magazine that listed the top artists in the comic industry – you know, the movers and shakers. Guess who was high on the list? My Jr. […]

Comiket kicks off

Think San Diego was stressful? Imagine half a million otaku streaming through Tokyo Big Sight hunting for their favorite doujinshi. : About 36,000 organizations will put cartoons, novels, music and game software programs on sale at Comic Market. [snip]On Friday, products related to animation and game programs will be on display, followed by cartoon and […]

RIP Phil Gascoine

Phil Gascoine, a veteran of the British comics scene who worked on such american books as UNKNOWN SOLIDER, died this week after a short illness. This interview serves as a memorial and a place to post tributes: Artist Phil Gascoine left school aged 15 and worked in an art studio until leaving to complete two […]

Yet MORE Chicago scuttlebutt

Zeitgiest-baring tidbits keep creeping out regarding last weekend’s Wizard World Chicago. As the “end” of “big con season” it’s a time for reflection and observation. First, Kate Willaert teases with the provocative title What You Didn’t Read In The Chicago Panel Reports, namely, fans confronting Marvel’s Joe Quesada with Mary Jane questions for 25 minutes […]