Superheroes WORKED OUT to stay fit! Stan Kleefeldposts excerpts from the 80s Marvel Strength & Fitness Book:

[Via Val]


  1. The first time I ever saw a trade paperback, it was this book.

    It was on display – several copies, in fact – on display in a FURNITURE STORE. As ballast for a piece of crap MDF DIY bookcase!

    They had loads of copies, but would they give eight year-old me one? Would they balls.

    Can’t think when I next saw a US paperback collection…1990? 1989? Official Handbook? I got a copy of that – the “S” edition, naturally – for passing my English exams a year early.

    Stop Making Me Remember Things!


  2. I remember checking this out from the library at my middle school. I still sometimes use J. Jonah Jameson’s relaxation technique!

  3. 80s? Try 70s. Nineteen-seventy six, to be exact. Yes, I checked. I remembered buying it when I was a kid, but I stopped reading comics about the time this came out. Still bought it though. I think I still have it in a box somewhere.