§ A high school rival of artist Michael Turner comes to grips with the present day:

Years later, a co-worker in my design department brought in a comic book magazine that listed the top artists in the comic industry – you know, the movers and shakers. Guess who was high on the list?

My Jr. High art buddy graduated to the big leagues. And now- apparently, he was better than me – “much”, “way”, “uber” better than me. He was starting his own company after helping create a Witchblade craze at Top Cow. There was even talk of James Cameron making a movie based on his latest character. This dude was hot and getting hotter, and when I looked at the picture of him in the article I could see that same look of – “What? Of course I’m a success. Why wouldn’t I be?”

As you can imagine, I was thrilled for the guy that I instantly hated with 20 years of jealousy (interest compounded daily). You see, I was a bicycle graphics designer, a job I was happy to have – until I read the article. I was happy with my paycheck – until I imagined his.

§ Mark-Oliver Frisch looks at Marvel’s announced new books:

Rather than putting all their eggs in one basket (see the competition’s Final Crisis), Marvel announced a whole bunch of potential free-standing sales juggernauts at the recent major conventions. Warren Ellis and Simone Bianchi doing Astonishing X-Men: Second Stage certainly fits that bill. Although it likely won’t be up there with the Whedon/Cassaday run commercially, I wouldn’t underestimate Ellis’ appeal. The British author is currently seeing something of a second spring, with a slew of critically acclaimed projects like Fell, Nextwave and Thunderbolts under his belt, most of which are also selling respectably, and a well-received novel out. Coupled with up-and-coming newcomer Bianchi, who knows, maybe it’s just the right mix to get people excited. Creatively, Ellis tends to be hit and miss with existing work-for-hire concepts; we could end up with another Thunderbolts, or we could end up with another Iron Man.


  1. Marvel just seems to be throwing as much as they can at the wall and seeing what will stick. Putting some big names on books and hoping that will get people to buy them, no matter how late they might be.