Think San Diego was stressful? Imagine half a million otaku streaming through Tokyo Big Sight hunting for their favorite doujinshi. :

About 36,000 organizations will put cartoons, novels, music and game software programs on sale at Comic Market.

[snip]On Friday, products related to animation and game programs will be on display, followed by cartoon and music products on Saturday.

Popular animation and cartoon characters will also appear at “Costume Play Plaza.”

Via Kevin Melrose, Hotto Sutu has a more practical preview:

About 2 weeks before a ComiKet event goes down (winter or summer) you can find the ComiKet catalog in just about any store in Akihabara or Nipponbashi. Today, they have two different versions fitting your tastes either A. ComiKet catalog Book form! or B. ComiKet catalog CD form! If you are planning on attending ComiKet it is mandatory to get a catalog and plan out your routes and what has low stock and high stock. The advantage ,though, of the CD form is that it allows you to color code the items you plan on picking up. So you can grade it , for example, Dark blue being your first stop to light green being your last stop.