Uk Comic Art Convention 85
The Forbidden Planet blogposts a Brit con flyer from 1985 where you could rub elbows with everyone from Alan Moore to Alan Davis and back.


  1. There are a lot of greats on there, must of whom are still working at it today. I wish there were photos. I’d love to see what Eddie Campbell looked like at a table with copies of Ace Rock & Roll comics, King Canute, and the like, with “the man at the cross roads.”

  2. …and then this. I hope Eddie doesn’t mind me posting this. Well, I’m sure he doesn’t, but this is turning out to be some good stuff.

    “also, that panel was my entry into US comics. Sim was funding the Bissette-Totleben Taboo plan, and Steve and John stayed overnight with me and Anne in Brighton and we took them to Gatwick airport the next day. That meeting resulted in Steve using my pyjama girl story in Taboo #1. Sim wrote the check for it.”

    it all comes back, wot?