Vulture reveals another literati going graphic, Cold Caller’s Jason Starr:

Q: I understand you’re working on a graphic novel for DC Comics.

A: I can’t really talk in depth about it, but it’s an original graphic novel and a supernatural thriller. The end-game is to release it in 2008. I was really into graphic novels and comics as a kid, but it kind of got lost over the years. I’ve just started seeing the artwork come in from the artist, and it’s really exciting to see what’s in my head interpreted like that on the page.


  1. “When Fan Mail Becomes Evidence”

    Yikes! Reading that last paragraph, it’s not the fans that are creepy, it’s him! O.O


  2. “You live in New York — where do you write?
    “I end up doing most of my writing in coffee bars. My apartment’s really small, and I just don’t have a lot of room to physically write there….”

    How much room do you need to hunt-and-peck on a laptop?

    Maybe it’s the atmosphere, and attention?
    “What are you doing, man?”
    “Writing a novel.”
    “Oh, cool!”