Batgirl: Times change

Well the battle lines are very clearly divided this time. On one side are the girls and the queers. On the other are the old time fanboys. The subject? The cover to the BATGIRL showcase edition. Yes, yes, yes, we KNOW she was not and never was a butt kicking superhero. We have never read […]

Feud shoe waiting to drop

When are we getting the details of the Ellison/Groth settlement???? The Comics Journal Message Board continues to issue updates. Here’s the latest from Harlan: ATTENDEZ!!!!!!!! ANYONE AND EVERYONE We are attempting to get the Settlement Agreement signed and posted for all of you who’ve been waiting. To do this, we need to know FOR CERTAIN […]

Kibbles ‘n’ bits

§ Jackpot! When we said we wanted more recent comics behind-the-scenes, we didn’t know Tom Brevoort was going to oblige with the initial pitch for Civil War!!!. Now all those ramblings from Mark Millar on Millarworld can finally be interpreted. This was done immediately after the creator conference at which the initial ideas for CIVIL […]

Joyce Carol Oates reads MAD

It is TRUE, as god is my witness. Time magazine said so.. Writes National Book Award winner Oates: When I first began reading this inspired comic book, I was quite a young child, entirely lacking in awareness of or interest in who might have been responsible for its freshness and originality amid so much on […]

John Layman Cryptic, funny

We know what you’ve been asking yourselves all this time. What is REALLY GOING ON with John Layman’s career? Well, for one thing, he’s joined Cryptic Studios to work on the Marvel MMO:

SD07: AdHouse (#2104)

With Paul Pope signing his much-desired PULPHOPE art book, and an exclusive new THB comic from Pope — as well as new James Jean materials, Josh Cotter, Jamie Tanner and Joey Wesier, the AdHouse Booth is going to be…one of the hot spots. Get your new books EARLY — they are certain to sell out. […]

SD07: IDW (#2229)

It will be a very busy con for the #5 comics publisher, with 30 Days of Night and much more on the horizon: Comic-Con attendees will be the first to see artist Ben Templesmith’s first go-it-alone “30 Days of Night” project with the release of “30 Days of Night: Red Snow”—just before the original “30 […]

SD07: Bid on a spot on the Marvel vs DC Softball game

Hero Initiative is sponsoring another Marvel vs DC softball fray, and you can buy a ticket OR go on Ebay to bid for a spot on one of the teams. Join The Hero Initiative for the second annual Marvel Vs DC Softball Game on Thursday, July 26 at 3 pm at San Diego’s Morley Field. […]

SD07: Active Images (#2106)

Badges, posters, jigsaws and t-shirts. After one hell of an active year for Active Images, it’s time to celebrate at this year’s Comic-Con International: San Diego (July 26-29)! Richard Starkings, Moritat, and Comicraft’s Secret Weapon, John JG Roshell, will be out in force with advance copies of the first hardcover collecting issues #1-7, ELEPHANTMEN: WOUNDED […]

SD07: Vanguard & Watcon Guptill (#1607)

Vanguard Productions, the leading producer of critically acclaimed art-book biographies on illustrators and cartoonists, return for their 14th consecutive year at the San Diego Comic-Con international. Spotlighting the Eisner Award nominated Wally Wood biography, WALLYs WORLD, authors, Steve Starger, J. David Spurlock, and the family of the late Mad, Daredevil and Weird Science artist, Wally […]

RATATOUILLE recipes and reax

Some odds and ends on the best movie starring a rat since BEN. The Times offers the recipe for the climactic dish, here called Confit Byaldi. 1/2 red pepper, seeds and ribs removed 1/2 yellow pepper, seeds and ribs removed 1/2 orange pepper, seeds and ribs removed 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil …etc. And, […]

SLG faces the future

SLG have made their San Diego doing available for iPod: You can keep track of all of SLG’s goings-on at Comic-Con International in San Diego on your iPod by downloading this MogoPop file — you will need the MogoPop Manager, but it’s free, and we checked it out and it’s virus- and spyware-free. (Though because […]

San Diego Facts!

Using Google Maps new distance function, we’ve figured out the distance from the Hyatt to Hall H is 3668 feet, or 2/3rd of a mile! (Over a klik!) No wonder we don’t like running back to our room to get a sweater. Speaking of San Diego, which no one in comics has been doing for […]

Introducing: Agent Coale

We’re pleased to announced that long-time Beat operative Mark Coale has joined us as…well, Helper Bee. Mark is the editor/publisher of Odessa Steps Magazine, a pop culture zine which has regrettably been on hiatus for a while. He also has a number of blogs which you can check out at the above link. Mark has […]