When are we getting the details of the Ellison/Groth settlement???? The Comics Journal Message Board continues to issue updates. Here’s the latest from Harlan:


We are attempting to get the Settlement Agreement signed and posted for all of you who’ve been waiting.

To do this, we need to know FOR CERTAIN that the Fantagraphics /
Comics Journal / Journalista! sites have been cleared of all references to the case (EXCEPT for the 2-sentence Court-mandated
advisement we have posted here). That includes any kind of solicitations for auction of, or purchase of, artwork to aid the Fantagraphics Legal Defense Fund.

Those of you who know your way around liks and such, which I do not … I would take it as a GREAT favor if you would flex on over to the Groth-sites and scour exceedingly fine, so we can get the papers memorialized and posted to quell your curiosity.

Kim Thompson for the defense:

We’ve been taking down the donation solicitations (aside from any settlement stipulations, they’re moot anyway now) and missed this one until someone on Ellison’s board pointed it out. So I just had it axed an hour ago. That’s why if you click on it now it says you’re not “authorized to view” it. (Which is a weird way of putting it; I’ve asked Dirk to change that. It’s just a dead link now, NO ONE is “authorized to view it,” there’s nothing to view.)

Neither of the parties is supposed to comment on the settlement or the lawsuit at present so I can’t really address the other parts of the discussion. Everything is proceeding and the settlement should be signed off on and made public soon.

So the way it looks, neither can say anything bad about the other in public any more. So it’s gone from this:

to this
Ginger Zorro
Luckily, we, the public are not under a gag order…yet…

ASIDE: That last photo is copyright Christy Marx, a comics, animation and games writer. In fact, she just wrote a book about that, entitled Writing for Animation, Comics, and Games. We haven’t talked to Christy in forever, but are pleased that we are able to present her skills in capturing kitten kuddling as a means of delivering snark.


  1. Seems somewhat ironic that the solution for this first amendment case is apparently Ellison successfully violating Fantagraphics first amendment rights and shutting them up about anything having to do with him. Still, you gotta choose your battles, and I’d certainly much rather have Fantagraphics save their energy for continuing to publish great comics. It’s a shame Ellison has effectively censored them… what a thin-skinned hypocrite.