SLG have made their San Diego doing available for iPod:

You can keep track of all of SLG’s goings-on at Comic-Con International in San Diego on your iPod by downloading this MogoPop file — you will need the MogoPop Manager, but it’s free, and we checked it out and it’s virus- and spyware-free. (Though because the world is what it is, I must state that we in no way guarantee anything about this software.) The file has the complete booth signing schedule, SLG panel schedule and pictures of some of the SLG creators you will be able to meet at Comic-Con. It’s easy and you’ll look ultra-organized.

Someday everyone will be this smart.

BTW. we discovered that by drag ‘n’ dropping from a Word download of the programming schedule to iCal, we made our own SDCC SCHEDULE. It is sweet and it only took us an hour or so and a few cans of energy drink. We’re all about the energy drinks right now.