Using Google Maps new distance function, we’ve figured out the distance from the Hyatt to Hall H is 3668 feet, or 2/3rd of a mile! (Over a klik!)

No wonder we don’t like running back to our room to get a sweater.

Speaking of San Diego, which no one in comics has been doing for the past few days, the floor map is now up with a cool rollover feature which allows you to see who has the biggest booth. The big shocker? Oh how’s this:

Marvel Publishing Hall A-C Booth 2429

You heard right. Marvel has a booth. A big booth. Their own. Guess you don’t need a booth to sell comics, but you do need one to sell MOVIES.

We’d love to be able to make an annotated map of the floor, you know with call-outs like “This bathroom is clean,” “Klingon staging area” and so on, but maybe some other soul can do the work. We did note that whoever made the map has a keen understanding of the workings of the show. Check out this area:

“IP PAVILLION”??? What the heck is that? Well, stuff like Indie Island, and Exhibit A and Cartoon Books…you know…actual people who sit around and have ideas. The IP Pavillion. WE LOVES IT.

PS: The article from the San Diego Daily Transcript came up in our newws feed, but the dirty fucks make you BUY a subscription in order to read it. But here’s the abstract:

While this year’s Comic-Con attendees may be looking at the newest comic books, video games and film screenings — local business will see something else that weekend: dollar signs. The city earns $610,595 from sales and transient occupancy taxes on hotel rooms, and 20,000 rooms booked, said Denise Mosgrove, director of communications for the San Diego Convention Center. Comic-Con is a strong weekend in a strong summer, said Mark Erskine, director of marketing strategy for the San Diego…

It seems the city is finally taking note of the mucho dinero the con brings to the still financially-strapped town.


  1. IP stands for “Independent Publishers” and has been an area on the floor for several years now (and Exhibit A has always been in it!).

    And, Eric, yes, sweaters can be needed in San Diego in July. It can get pretty chilly at night in downtown, which is right by the water.

    Jackie Estrada
    Exhibit A Press

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