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Badges, posters, jigsaws and t-shirts.

After one hell of an active year for Active Images, it’s time to celebrate at this year’s Comic-Con International: San Diego (July 26-29)!

Richard Starkings, Moritat, and Comicraft’s Secret Weapon, John JG Roshell, will be out in force with advance copies of the first hardcover collecting issues #1-7, ELEPHANTMEN: WOUNDED ANIMALS (Image Comics, August 2007, Diamond Code: JAN07 1927, ISBN: 978-1582406916, $24.99, 224-page hardcover, wrap-around cover by Ladrönn) as well as a limited number of Ladrönn’s ELEPHANTMEN JIGSAW PUZZLE, and not forgetting to mention Moritat’s first ELEPHANTMEN SKETCHBOOK featuring 40 pages of sketches and drawings wrapped up in a full-color cover!

At Active Images’ booth (#2106, Independent Press Pavilion–just look for the red carpet near the DC booth!), not only will ELEPHANTMEN posters be given away for FREE, but ELEPHANTMEN artist extraordinaire Justin “Moritat” Norman will be doing FREE sketches with purchases of the WOUNDED ANIMALS hardcover. You should also look out for ELEPHANTMEN badges and ELEPHANTMEN WAR TOYS postcards as well as hot-off-the-press copies of ELEPHANTMEN #10.

Check by the booth to find out when STRANGE EMBRACE creator and SPAWN writer David Hine will be signing copies of the full-color edition of STRANGE EMBRACE issues #1 and #2!

ELEPHANTMEN: WOUNDED ANIMALS has been described as “A labour of love, not just for the fictional world within it, but the medium itself.” [Adam White , Pulp Fiction Comics] ELEPHANTMEN: WOUNDED ANIMALS is written by Richard Starkings & Joe Kelly, with art by Moritat, Chris Bachalo, Henry Flint, Tom Scioli, and David Hine.

All Active Images’s books are available in all finer comic book stores.

HIP FLASK entered the world courtesy of Active Images in 2002 when HIP FLASK: UNNATURAL SELECTION was released on an unsuspecting public by creators Richard Starkings and Eisner award-winning painter Ladrönn. To date HIP FLASK: UNNATURAL SELECTION has sold over 26,000 copies. HIP FLASK: MYSTERY CITY soon followed. Then in 2006, ELEPHANTMEN, an ongoing monthly series by Starkings, Moritat and a host of guest creators, launched through Image Comics. The first issue promptly sold out of its 16,000-copy print run and Nikken’s unhuman creations have been running rampant ever since in a series called “Sharp, stylish and thought provoking stuff” by Jonathan Kuehlein, Metro News.