Vanguard Productions, the leading producer of critically acclaimed art-book biographies on illustrators and cartoonists, return for their 14th consecutive year at the San Diego Comic-Con international.

Spotlighting the Eisner Award nominated Wally Wood biography, WALLYs WORLD, authors, Steve Starger, J. David Spurlock, and the family of the late Mad, Daredevil and Weird Science artist, Wally Wood, will be at the booth and Eisner award ceremony. Other talents appearing at the Vanguard booth include Catwoman, Batman and Master of Kung Fu artist, Paul Gulacy (signing and sketching); Micronauts, ‘Nam, Bucky O’Hare legend Michael Golden (signing and sketching); and fantasy painter, Alex Horley–all in support of new Vanguard monographs. Watch for last minute additions, as there are always surprises at Vanguard. Premiers and exclusives include Book Two of Wally Wood’s Wizard King Trilogy and more.

Watson-Guptill Publications joins their Vanguard associates this year for Comic-Con. Watson-Guptill is America’s leading instructional art book publisher and features top titles including Joe Kubert’s Superheroes, Ray Harryhausen’s An Animated Life, the ever popular Christopher Hart series, photography books and more. Watson-Guptill editorial and sales representatives will be on-hand and will host signings by noted graphic novelist
Peter Kuper, signing Spy vs. Spy, Friday at 2PM;
Andy Smith signing Saturday, July 28 at 2PM; and more.
All the Vanguard and Watson-Guptill festivities will take place at San Diego Comic-Con booth 1607, July, 24-29, 2007.