We know what you’ve been asking yourselves all this time. What is REALLY GOING ON with John Layman’s career? Well, for one thing, he’s joined Cryptic Studios to work on the Marvel MMO:

Cryptic Studios, busy at work on the upcoming MMO Marvel Universe Online for the Xbox 360 and PC, is bringing in a person many would consider a big gun in the comics world to help them further flesh out the title. Enter design writer John Layman, a twelve year veteran of the comic book industry and game writer.

Layman has a quite a track record for himself, having worked on several prominent Marvel Comics series, Including Gambit, House of M: Fantastic Four, and Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness. He’s also created some of his own titles for clients, including Puffed for Image Comics and Armageddon & Son for Oni Press. Layman has even tried his hand in video games already, contributing to Metroid: Hunters for the Nintendo DS and the Marvel Trading Card Game for the PSP.

Meanwhile, over at his blog Layman has a post which must be read in its entirety, with an account of a Tom Peyer signing:

Which makes yesterday’s events all the more disappointing, shocking and shameful. And I hold not just the attendees of the Comics Dungeon store signing responsible, but also the staff, and in particular the store manager Chris, who really should have known better than to offer Tom Peyer a tuna fish salad for lunch. In his advanced years, Tom is not as dexterous as he once was, and much of his lunch ended up on his shirt, and matted in his beard. This drew lots of snickers, comments and low laughter from many of the teens in attendance. The good Mr. Peyer, being from a different generation, does not always understand the parlance and humor of today’s youth, and he gamely played along, assuming people with laughing with him, and not at him. And things then deteriorated further, as one brash youth leaned over the table and tugged on Mr. Peyer’s beard, and then subdued chuckles grew to raucous laughter, and then derisive jeers.

Layman also has many rules for his San Diego signings, and everyone should heed them in all situations:

2. Look directly at me at all times, but do NOT actually make eye contact. This will be interpreted as an act of hostility and aggression and be returned with punitive measures.