Coolest movie promo EVER — UPDATED

Homer Simpson has taken his place beside an ancient fertility symbol of the British Isles the Cerne Abbas giant of Dorset. But some pagans aren’t happy. Pagans have pledged to perform “rain magic” to wash away a cartoon character painted next to their famous fertility symbol – the Cerne Abbas giant. A doughnut-brandishing Homer Simpson […]

2007 Wizard Fan Awards

Marvel has FORTY-SEVEN nominations. Read them all in the jump if you must.

LA Times guy is pretty gloomy on comics

An editor at the LA Times has a pretty Debbie Downer take on the current comics scene: What’s strange about this grim reprieve for the industry is that it is so hard to see in the popular culture. While half-century-old superheroes continue to dominate the dying medium of motion pictures, and manga and graphic novels […]


We still need San Diego links and schedules. If you are a cartoonist who has posted your schedule on your blog, please send us the link, and we’ll post a link. ALSO: we recently discovered some emails from trusted operatives in our gmail spam filter. ANNOYING. We don’t really have time to go through it […]

Walker launches free magazine

Dave Astor at E&P reports that Mort Walker wants to launch a free magazine entitled “Mort Walker’s The Best of Times.” The prototype was distributed in the kind of places one might find a free magazine across Fairfield County, CT. “We distributed 20,000 copies, and they’re all gone,” said the Connecticut-based Walker. The full-color magazine […]

Cartoonists doing things: Sakai in France

Stan Sakai attends the Japan Expo in Paris and gives the kind of travel report only a very seasoned traveler could produce — lots of good info here! Also, the nugget that he’s writing a Hulk story for Marvel. WOOT! I have 12 books in France–16 if you count the four original oversize editions–so I […]

Tintin goes from Congo to adult section in US, too

American Borders stores are following the lead of the UK stores and shelving TINTIN IN THE CONGO in the adult section due to the concerns over racist content: “Tintin in the Congo,” an illustrated work removed from the children’s section of Borders Group, Inc., stores in Britain because of allegations of racism, will get the […]

Homosexuality in Comics

CBR starts a comprehensive series by Emmett Furey: Parts I and II will introduce the nine participants. Part I features Marc Andreyko, Lillian Diaz-Przbyl, Devin Grayson, Terrance Griep and Mark Millar, and part II introduces Allan Heinberg, Scott Lobdell, Alan Moore and Greg Rucka. In addition to biographical materials, each introductory segment will also include […]

SD07: Viz welcomes Arina Tanemura (#4113)

Manga superstar Arina Tanemura (FULL MOON, KAMIKAZE KAITO JEANNE, and the recent GENTLEMAN’S ALLIANCE) will be making an appearance at the Vix booth. VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), one of the entertainment industry’s most innovative and comprehensive publishing, animation and licensing companies, will celebrate the work of famed manga artist Arina Tanemura throughout the month […]

SD07: NBM — UPDATED — Booth #1528

Now with CORRECTED time and signing schedule including Rick Geary, Ted Rall, Bryan Talbot, David Axe, Jesse Lonnergan, Phil Yeh, Chad Michael Ward and Rob Vollmer. NBM is in Booth #1528, near the Small Press Pavilion and the Bayside Lobby at the back of Exhibit Hall B. Here is the signing schedule:

SD07: Del Rey (#1135)

Okay we have a long list of contests, signings, panels and other activities — including origami — here. The short version is that Del Rey/Villard guests include Harry Turtledove, Jason Rodriguez (Postcards: True Stories That Never Happened) and Joshua Hale Fialkov (Elk’s Run), Keith R.A. DeCandido (Command & Conquer), Richard Morgan (THIRTEEN), Josh Conviser (Echelon), […]

SD07: CBLDF auction preview

Oh my lots o’ stuff: This is the big one! The CBLDF holds its biggest auction of the year at Comic-Con, and this year brings some amazing one-of-a-kind items to raise money for free speech! This year’s items include original art by Jim Lee, Jeff Smith, Todd McFarlane, Paul Pope, Neil Gaiman, Brian Bendis, Jim […]

LIVING CORPSE walks at Shoreline

Another obscure indie comic has been optioned: Shoreline has taken on THE LIVING CORPSE: Shoreline Entertainment has optioned the film rights to adult indie comicbook “The Living Corpse,” created by Ken Haeser and Buz Hasson. Shoreline CEO Morris Ruskin will produce the project as a live-action feature written and helmed by Justin Ritter. “The Living […]

Mosher joins BOOM!

Chip Mosher will be joining BOOM! Studios as Marketing and Sales Director, and evidently begin writing a lot of press releases; viz: BOOM! Studios has appointed Chip Mosher as Marketing and Sales Director, where he will be in charge of all marketing and sales initiatives with the direct, library, and mass market. Mosher began his […]

Harry Potter and the Godly Hallows

I’m going to be frank. I am deathly afraid of going online and having the last Harry Potter book spoiled for me. I am hearing that there are spoilers all over the place out there, and some foul Slytherin is bound to post something somewhere. So, since I’m super stressed out with deadlines anyway, I’m […]

SHAMELESS HYPE: Own The Hills Have Eyes 2 on DVD!

MovieWeb is running a contest to win a copy of THE HILLS HAVE EYES 2 dvd. Now why do I care? First off, I edited the very fine The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning graphic novel, now on sale, and I suggest you run out and buy a copy because it features the fine stylings […]