CBR starts a comprehensive series by Emmett Furey:

Parts I and II will introduce the nine participants. Part I features Marc Andreyko, Lillian Diaz-Przbyl, Devin Grayson, Terrance Griep and Mark Millar, and part II introduces Allan Heinberg, Scott Lobdell, Alan Moore and Greg Rucka. In addition to biographical materials, each introductory segment will also include the participant’s musings on their own comics work that features GLBT characters and themes.

Parts III and IV will be the article proper, in which the participants address a wide range of topics. In part III, the participants discuss the Comics Code, the stigma of comics as a children’s medium, whether homosexuality is a lifestyle choice or a genetic predisposition, and the tendency for fictional GLBT characters to be defined by their sexuality. The topics for part IV include the “gay retcon,” the participants’ picks for well-informed portrayals of GLBT characters in comics, and the state of the union of homosexuality in comics.

Very interesting reading, both for the personal insights and the attitudes towards GBLT characters.