American Borders stores are following the lead of the UK stores and shelving TINTIN IN THE CONGO in the adult section due to the concerns over racist content:

“Tintin in the Congo,” an illustrated work removed from the children’s section of Borders Group, Inc., stores in Britain because of allegations of racism, will get the same treatment by the superstore chain in the United States.

“Borders is committed to carrying a wide range of materials and supporting our customers’ right to choose what to read and what to buy. That said, we also are also committed to acting responsibly as a retailer and with sensitivity to all of the communities we serve,” according to a Borders statement issued Monday.


  1. Barnes & Noble shelves all of the English-language Tintin books in the general Graphic Novels section. I never stocked Congo or Russia because those two volumes were deluxe, pricey, and less polished than the other albums. I’ll reconsider them when I see the new editions, but my neighborhood is indigo, so no one will say anything. There haven’t been any comments on our Yaoi offerings, so not worried. That’s our buyer’s job.

  2. Interestingly, in the UK, Tintin in Congo just made the top 10 of Currently it is on #24. Just goes to show . . .