Stan Sakai attends the Japan Expo in Paris and gives the kind of travel report only a very seasoned traveler could produce — lots of good info here! Also, the nugget that he’s writing a Hulk story for Marvel. WOOT!

I have 12 books in France–16 if you count the four original oversize editions–so I was kept busy singing all the time. Fanfan was there and, at 4:30, escorted me to a signing at an Album store. The chain has three stores in Paris, and about 30 throughout France. I was at the one in Bercy. Customers were given tickets for the signing, but I went through them, and signed for any one who wanted it.

We dined outdoors at a restaurant across from the store. I had roasted duckling with new potatoes. The creme brulee with ginger bread pieces and fig syryp was too sweet. I also had a banana nector/pineapple drink. I had never even heard of banana juice. It was worth trying once, though not twice.