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For now. We don’t know how or why. It just happened. In the meantime, big ups to Laura “Laura Tracy” Ciporen for all her help in resolving this.

Terry Moore to write Mary Jane

BUT CAN HE DRAW ZOMBIES???? As McKeever’s final issue #20 looms in the series’ future, word comes that Marvel has tapped creator Terry Moore to take over as writer. Best known as the writer/artist of his self-published title Strangers in Paradise, which just ended this week at Issue #90, Moore seems like a good fit […]

Tonight: John Pham at Secret Headquarters

Tonight Join us Friday, June 15th as Secret Headquarters presents the art of John Pham. John Pham is a Xeric Foundation grant winner who is best known for his Manga meets Indy styled Epoxy comic book anthology. Epoxy has been featured in XLR8R and Publishers Weekly and was named “the Best Comic of 2003” by […]

EU parliament refuses Eisner’s THE PLOT

TheEU parliament has refused delivery of Will Eisner’s THE PLOT a graphic novel discussing the long running anti-Semitic tract “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” The European Parliament has refused to distribute to MEPs a book denouncing the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, an anti-Semitic literary forgery. Produced by the Okhrana, the Russian […]

Silent Devil changes focus

We’d been getting some PR, and heard a few rumblings that indie publisher Silent Devil was changing its business model, and an email to FORMER editor in chief Christian Beranek confirmed this. In addition to his stepping down as EIC, they are de-emphasizing publishing and emphasizing the Hollywood-esque aspects of their company. Beranek writes: Yes, […]

Watchman casting watch: Cusack?

It seems that Jon Cusack is lobbying for the role of Dan Dreiberg [Nite Owl] in WATCHMEN: “So, the people on the internet want me to do it? I haven’t read the script nor have I ever met Mr. Snyder. We have to talk to talk to Zack’s representatives,” Cusack said, adding. “[But] I’m in. […]

Mercury becomes Periscope

Can a small band of artists join together to change the world? Probably not, but they can at least get a new name. Mercury Studio, the largest physical studio of freelance comic book creators in North America, announced today that it has a new name: Periscope. This follows a move to a new space overlooking […]

Zombies keep on coming

People — specifically John Jakala — continue to wonder why this doesn’t bother me. While I can see the “line muddying” issue that some people have with it, quite frankly, I don’t think “zombie horror” and “YA” are completely mutually exclusive. Teens like horror. Everyone likes zombies. Or as I put it in Jakala’s comments, […]