It seems that Jon Cusack is lobbying for the role of Dan Dreiberg [Nite Owl] in WATCHMEN:

“So, the people on the internet want me to do it? I haven’t read the script nor have I ever met Mr. Snyder. We have to talk to talk to Zack’s representatives,” Cusack said, adding. “[But] I’m in. Talk to Zack.” The online rumblings have persisted since at least 2003, when AICN posted a story saying Cusack was cast as the overweight, over-the hill crime fighter. Although obviously untrue, Cusack declared he has read the comic – and he’s a huge fan. “I actually love the comic,” the “High Fidelity” star declared. “I thought that was a really, really cool comic. I’m into it. I like those [Alan Moore] comics a lot.”

As a correspondent points out, while we find Cusacks’ sudden comics enthusiasm…surprising, at least he knows how to act enthusiastic. We approve!

Speaking of approving, we can’t rule out DDGB’s participation in the movie, despite his very very busy schedule. It seems Watchmen director Zack Snyder is still hot to get the burly Scot into the film:

Zack Snyder, who is directing a live-action adaptation of Alan Moore’s Watchmen, told MTV.com that he’ll find a place in it for his 300 star Gerard Butler, though Butler himself has said he may be too busy to do it.

“Yeah, we’ll find a spot for him,” Snyder told the site at June 3’s MTV Movie Awards. “They’ll let him [off the other sets for a while]; he’s not going to get out that easy.”

Butler as the Comedian would seem a natural. So if we really do have Jude Law, Keanu Reeves, John Cusack and Gerard Butler in the movie…we’d say The Beat has enough fodder for about 457 more posts. Hee.


  1. I’ve said for a long time, pretty much since Beau Bridges got too old to do the part justice, that John Cusack would be great for the role. May I also humbly suggest Holly Marie Combs as Silk Spectre? Beautiful woman, not a stick figure, preexisting geek cred, and right around the right age, which is to say, not twenty-nothing. And I should add, I wasn’t much a fan of “Charmed.”

    I wonder whether the particular military clusterfuck Comedian and Dr. Manhattan will meet in might be updated to Iraq, or maybe Grenada or Panama.