200706150325We’d been getting some PR, and heard a few rumblings that indie publisher Silent Devil was changing its business model, and an email to FORMER editor in chief Christian Beranek confirmed this. In addition to his stepping down as EIC, they are de-emphasizing publishing and emphasizing the Hollywood-esque aspects of their company. Beranek writes:

Yes, Silent Devil is no longer accepting new submissions. We’re going to fulfill our commitments to our current titles and then start concentrating on stuff that my brothers and I can control the rights to. We’re busy producing films with various companies, so we’re working to phase out SD as a publisher and begin publishing under other people.

Our goal was always to be a production company. We just saw so much great stuff out there [and] wanted to help get the word out about those titles.

Dmpreview1As for myself, I am way too busy with freelance writing to be objective. I have my own goals that are now coming to fruition, including writing the screenplay for Dracula vs. King Arthur with Kickstart Productions.

Currently we are going to continue publishing Devil’s Panties, Dracula vs. King Arthur, The Death series and a few new titles already on the slate.

According to its website, Silent Devil has been around since 1996, and while they were always modest in goals and achievements, they were certainly one of the better established “mini publishers” of straight ahead genre material. In baseball terms, it was a “farm team” where people got some chops while producing some entertaining material in its own right.

So, if nothing else, this is another nail in the coffin for the comics pamphlet, the format in which most of Silent Devil’s books originated. It just isn’t profitable any more, even on a very modest basis, unless you’ve got a movie to back it up.

We also got the following PR from Beranek, announcing the launch of a new comics on the web venture called Comflix Studios. You can read it all in the jump.

Comflix Studios, a Los Angeles and New York based multi-media company, presents a new way to enjoy comic books that brings together the art and storylines of comic books and the excitement of movies and visual effects based entertainment.

Comflix Studios is offering an advanced viewing of their website COMFLIX.NET where visitors can be the first to watch newly formatted episodes of Dracula vs. King Arthur and The Last Sin of Mark Grimm. Additional titles such as Living in Infamy and Empty Chamber will be available when Comflix.net officially rolls out on July 20th.

“This is a whole new medium for the comic book industry and Comflix Studios aims to become the leader in this sector as the market for on-line content continues to grow exponentially,” says Scott Schneider, CEO of Comflix Studios. “We hope that comic book fans will embrace our new on-line/internet approach to the traditional business and recognize that while we utilize advancements in visual effects to produce our content our top priority is to preserve the integrity of the comic book story and artwork.”

Prior to the official Comflix.net launch on July 20th, comic book fans can preview the site by retrieving the password to the “locked” Comflix.net site by sending an email to: [email protected] Once on the site, fans will have the opportunity to preview episodes of Dracula vs. King Arthur 1-4, episodes 1 & 2 of The Last Sin of Mark Grimm and enter to “Win Lunch with Doug Jones”. Comflix Studios will pick one winner prior to the July 20th launch and fly them to Los Angeles to have lunch with actor Doug Jones. Doug Jones currently stars as The Silver Surfer in the new Fantastic Four movie, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Pan in Pan’s Labyrinth and as Abe Sapien in the upcoming Hellboy 2: The Golden Army.