As McKeever’s final issue #20 looms in the series’ future, word comes that Marvel has tapped creator Terry Moore to take over as writer. Best known as the writer/artist of his self-published title Strangers in Paradise, which just ended this week at Issue #90, Moore seems like a good fit for the title because his own series had a lot of similar romantic drama and the same type of character-focused storylines.

According to the publisher, the series will start with a new #1 later this year. No artist has been announced as of yet. While there have been hints that Moore will be writing more than one Marvel title, the creator says he isn’t allowed to give details about what else he might have coming for the publisher. But as Newsarama talked to him about his work on Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, we did find out that his fans might see an independent comic drawn and written by the creator sometime later this year that he’s tentatively calling Motorgirl.


  1. This news is the BEST. I’d better get earplugs, because my niece is going to shriek with joy when I tell her. Now, if Terry would do the art also…

    And yay for comments!