Even as the friends of Rick Olney emerge from the woods to frolic among the hot wheels, Tony Isabella has written to make a clarification on our last Rick Olney post:

“To clarify…

Whiz-Bang Toys of Florida [www.whizbangtoys.com] is a respected seller with an outstanding eBay record. Its owner has asked me to spread the word that his company is in no way, shape, or form affiliated with the likes of Olney. I will be sending out a news release on this in a day or so.

What Olney’s “ORCA” organization – which has never been granted non-profit status – is affiliated with is something called Whizz-Bang Comics and Toys, a new “venture” allegedly run by a woman no one has ever heard of. Though someone with her name did attempt to sign up for MySpace page.

The real Whiz-Bang Toys is a solid operation.

The Olney-affiliated venture is…like all Olney ventures…to be considered with extreme suspicion.

My standard warning is that if something involves Rick Olney, ORCA, the Mighty Mini-Con, Mohawk Valley Comics Newsletter, TightLip Entertainment or any other Olney ventures, you should avoid it.

Tony Isabella”