Marvel Month-to-Month Sales April 2007

by Paul O’Brien With CIVIL WAR finally behind us, and WORLD WAR HULK not yet underway, Marvel have space for a little breather between major crossovers. But that doesn’t mean it’s a quiet month. The death of Captain America continues to rack up the sales, with the FALLEN SON tie-in issues. And new titles include […]

DC December shipping collected editions

Via PR: THE ALL NEW ATOM: FUTURE/PAST TP Writer: Gail Simone Artists: Mike Norton, Eddy Barrows, Andy Owens and Trevor Scott Collects: THE ALL NEW ATOM #7-11 $14.99 U.S., 128 pages BATMAN/SUPERMAN: SAGA OF THE SUPER SONS TP Writer: Bob Haney Artists: Dick Dillin, Tex Blaisdell, Vince Colletta, Henry Scarpelli, Murphy Anderson and John Calnan […]

Nymphet update

Well what do you know, Seven Seas publisher Jason DeAngelis proves he is a responsible, mature adult by speaking publicly and frankly on a controversy involving his company. This man can never run for public office! In the above post on the Seven Seas forum, he explains why he will not be published NYMPHET, the […]


Book Expo America kicks off tomorrow, Friday, yet another reason we’re so cranky and overworked. This week’s Comics Week had a full listing of comics themed programming, of which there is a LOT. Alison Bechdel, Robert Kirkman, Kyle Baker, Colleen Doran and doubtless other ‘tooner types will be on hand. We’re interviewing Laurell K. Hamilton […]

Diamond, Comic Foundry reach historic accord

Tim Leong reports on a compromise bill that all are happy with with a price drop the key concession: All has been quiet on the magazine front — until now. I’m happy to report that Comic Foundry and Diamond have struck a compromise! Diamond Comics will distribute the magazine in September, and we will drop […]

The Girls’ Guide to Guys’ Stuff available for preorder

Editor MK Reed writes to remind us that the new FoL anthology, The Girl’s Guide to Guy’s Stuff, is available for preorder. The contributor’s line-up is pretty good, as you can see from the PR, and the cover, by Miss Lasko-Gross…well, please don’t start a 60 comment thread about it, okay? Friends of Lulu announces […]

IFL update

A quick catchup on the IFL, the MMA league co-owned by Wizard’s Gareb Shamus. Although it has been showing regularly on TV, it has had some business setbacks. Yesterday, their stock went down faster than a heavily hyped favorite in a UFC event, due in part to the announcement of a new TV deal! Wrestling […]

Things of vast, vast import

These things are so important that clicking on them may very well save your life! It’s that serious! § First, customized Legos of Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison and Alan Moore. If this isn’t important, nothing is. Created by David Oakes. LInk via The Ephemerist, via Brett Warnock § Do you think you can ink better […]

Teen Titans movie in works

Akiva Goldsman…boo. Mark Verheiden…Yay! : DC Comics’ superteam Teen Titans is getting the big-screen treatment courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures. The live-action adaptation is being produced by Akiva Goldsman and Kerry Foster through their Weed Road banner, while Mark Verheiden has been brought on board to write the script. [snip] Goldsman said the tone will […]