These things are so important that clicking on them may very well save your life! It’s that serious!

Lego Lg
§ First, customized Legos of Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison and Alan Moore. If this isn’t important, nothing is. Created by David Oakes. LInk via The Ephemerist, via Brett Warnock

§ Do you think you can ink better than Vinnie Colletta — or, as Flo Steinberg called him, Vinnie Colleter? NOW YOU CAN FIND OUT.

§ Hope Larson explains how to add spot color in a very, very basic way. Of course, you still have to have talent.

§ This nice lady is looking for an artist to illustrate a graphic novel about peregrine falcons.

I’ll warn right now that I’m a stickler for bird accuracy. The illustrations can be stylized, but the bird must have basic peregrine structure (ie malar stripes under the eyes and pointed wing tips). If you are interested and up to the challenge, send me some renderings of peregrines. Feel free to throw in other species as well, like red-tailed hawk, grackle, and blue-winged teal. Send queries and or images to sharon at birdchick dot com.

Hm, we’ve seen both Lauren Weinstein and R. Kikuo Johnson draw nice birds, but they are probably too busy on their own projects.

§ You know we could just post his news every day, but if you are interested in The One True Bruce, we suggest you just point your RSS feed at Bruce Campbell News Central, an informative blog that tracks the Master’s every media appearance…it seems Bruce is now entering the “Leslie Neilsen” phase of his career, and we couldn’t be happier!

§ HAWAIIAN DICK: SCREAMING BLACK THUNDER We really just wanted to say that.

To the many kind folks who have been sending us news items in the mail…we will be playing catch up next week, if we’re still alive.


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