Tim Leong reports on a compromise bill that all are happy with with a price drop the key concession:

All has been quiet on the magazine front — until now. I’m happy to report that Comic Foundry and Diamond have struck a compromise! Diamond Comics will distribute the magazine in September, and we will drop our cover price on the first issue from $6.25 to $5.98. Thems the terms.

Diamond was very gracious to reconsider the book and meet us half way on this. I hold no ill will against them, and let’s hope they feel the same way. I feel confident though, that despite the… unusual start we can continue on to forge a good business relationship.


  1. I say good for the Foundry: It’s great to hear that, not only will their be a new voice on the magazine racks, but that it’s a new voice that has managed to clear the hurdles Diamond has built for everyone. Tim has obviously cleared it, and not tripped up…
    I’m looking forward to picking up the first issue in September.

  2. So Diamond saves face by insisting on this fairly insignificant price reduction.
    Couldn’t just say “We were w-r-o-n-g,” could we, Diamond?

    Same old Diamond BS.

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